This and That

From time to time I might offer advice or make observations.

Observation 1: I’m not convinced that people think about spending money. They just spend it mindlessly.

For example did you know it costs approximately the same amount of money to:

* buy coffee at a coffee shop five days a week for fifty weeks a year

as it does to

* rent a clean, but not fancy place in Hawaii for a week?

I will choose Hawaii every time. Many people can have both. A lot of people are choosing coffee. And the coffee choice is fine as long as they are actually making a conscious choice. I think a lot of people don’t really understand the consequences of their actions. They just buy coffee, but they don’t think “what else can I do with this money that I would enjoy even more?”

And yes, I know that I still have to pay to get to Hawaii and pay for food and activities while I’m there. But if you can save a year for the lodging, why not save another year for that?

I’ve gone to Hawaii six times. I’m not rich. I don’t stay in fancy resorts. I prefer condos or small homes so I can save on the cost of breakfast and a few other meals. I’m not traveling to Hawaii for a resort. I’m traveling for the natural beauty of the islands.

Question: Do you know where your money is going? If not, try tracking every cent you spend for the next week. Then the next month. Then three months. Any surprises?